This is why i am not celebrating woman’s day

Seriously, is it just me thinking that one morning some politician woke up and decided to suck up to all the women and declared “women’s day” festival?

Go ladies, go have fun today at the spa or the shopping center, go, celebrate one day of the year dedicated all to women, while us – the men, will continue to run the world as we see it…

No, really now, don’t be naïve, doesn’t it seem odd to you?

What started sometime at the beginning of the 20th century in the USA as women’s day by the socialist party and became today to what is defined as “celebrations of love and respect to women and their achievements” seems to me exactly like that scene where the man flirts off somewhere and when he returns home to his wife he brings her flowers and chocolate…

Don’t get me wrong, I am not some chauvinist women hater, on the contrary! I am celebrating women’s day! I’m celebrating every day a woman makes history.

Girls, we’ve come a long way since the 19th century, I don’t forget and don’t degrade it! But the facts in the world today are:

The most senior positions in the world are taken by men (and that is why, if you are a woman and worked your way up to such a job, you will earn less than a man in the same position)

Most countries are still run by men

The average salary of women stands on less than 70% than men. In fact, even in jobs that women are the majority workers, men earn higher salaries!

Feminist or not, most of the house work and family care is done by women (again, because men earn more). Women are forced to compromise for a “mother’s position”, one that will fit the children’s hours. And the salary – as well…

And let’s not be hypocrite, a woman is fully capable of having an amazing career and raising a family at the same time, and still, there will always be the ones who would say: “it’s a shame the way she neglects her kids”.

Most companies and firms don’t have the infrastructures to allow women in top positions to simultaneously raise a family.

In an ideal world, one that doesn’t need “women’s day”, we celebrate every day because:

A woman will earn equally to a man, in every position.

Both sexes will be rewarded by the level of their job importance and especially by the level of their training and education.

In an ideal world, a woman will be able to work in her dream job without worrying about leaving behind her family.

Women won’t tear themselves apart in order to reach to the top.

In an ideal world, men will have the conditions that will allow them to be more at home and by that, allowing their wives to fulfill themselves in any career they wish.

Women jobs, in the ideal world, will not be taken as the secondary income, hence, will not be paid less!

Feminine professions will not be perceived as jobs meant for emotional satisfaction, therefore they will be rewarded accordingly.

In an ideal world, assertive, dominant women, will not be perceived as aggressive and problematic, and will most definitely will not receive a negative attitude.

So today ladies, go celebrate. But tomorrow morning don’t forget to put a lot of lotion on your feet. We still have a long way till we get to that ideal world…

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