Looking like Wonder Woman is way better than looking like Barbie

If you’ve been following me, you already know that my art revolves around womanhood and celebrates the indescribable powers us women have. Exactly today, in a month from now, The international women’s day will be celebrated around the world, so i decided why not begin the celebrations today?

This year, I will mark this important  day with a series of super fascinating posts and illustrations about women, motherhood, past and even about the future. I will be posting twice a week, starting today up until the 8th of March. I would love it if you’ll join me!

In all of my four years of fashion studies in Shenkar college, I received much criticism as part of the learning experience, but there is one criticism I will never forget: my fashion illustration teacher told me that my fashion figures were too muscular, too human for fashion. But I didn’t give in and turned that illustration style to my signature art. There are enough fashion illustrators around the world who create skinny, gangling looking figures and it’s a beautiful art but it’s not mine.

Let me keep my illustrated figures luscious and feminin.

It is known in human culture that the female form has changed significantly throughout history. There were times when a round, full body figure was the symbol of beauty and there were times when being anorectic was the leading fashion. 

These days, when we are in the position to shape the next generation of women in the world, it’s the best time to teach them how any figure, size and form is beautiful, as long as you love yourself.

As much as Barbie is an icon and a symbol of beauty in our culture, it too has changed dramatically over the past decade. The waistline is not so narrow anymore and so is the bum. And that wasn’t the only thing they changed about Barbie. Today’s barbie is an astronaut, a pilot, a doctor, a soldier, a painter, a biker. It is who she is rather than how she looks like.

I address my female illustrations just as I raise my little girls: no matter how important it is for me to keep the lines accurate and precise, it’s the eyes that will matter the most. the soul: 

Be kind to yourself, be smart, educate, be curious, be healthy. All else fades in time anyway.

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