Gender equality at it’s best

Did you know that there’s a tribe in central Africa that holds the world title of best dads?

The Aka tribe, located in the central African republic and in north Congo, takes much pride in having a gender equality tradition, where both husband and wife hunt together, cook together, and basically do everything equally. This tradition led the tribe’s fathers to spend more time with their children than any other culture or society around the world. When I say spend time, I mean the fathers are feeding, caring, playing, basically doing everything you would expect mothers to do.

Let’s hop to west India, to a breathtaking area named Meghalaya, where lately some men’s rights movements started rising, asking for equal rights for men.

YES, there is such a place in our world today where women have been ruling for centuries, and men must claim their rights out of respect for women. There, in the Khasi tribe in India, you will hear calls of joy when a girl is born and a little less joy when a boy is born.

In their local language, almost all positive phrases are said in the feminine form of the language.

The girls are the ones to inherit the family’s wealth, and when a couple gets married, the husband and the children receive the bride’s family name, unlike the rest of the world. The women of the family are the ones who run the family’s money, including the husband’s income.

These 2 tribes are among the 500 cultures around the world that not only support gender equality but are also managed by women leaders. among them, you will find places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Ecuador, China, Costa Rica, and more.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for a world dominated by women only.

Our objective should be an equal society, not one that favors men over women or the other way around.

It’s important we fight for women’s right to their own bodies when it comes to pregnancy and abortions in particular.

It’s important we turn the whole divorce process as just another regular procedure instead of the current state where men are given the power to make any woman “chained” to them by law. not to speak of the humiliating divorce “ceremony” according to the Jewish religion.

women, in general, should have complete equal status and power as men. in any society. anywhere on earth.

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