Don’t be quiet

We’ve been going in and out of quarantine for over a year now. A world pandemic has become our new routine while social distancing, economics, global warming, corrupt politics, and more issues raise the level of stress for everyone on a daily basis. 

a woman with a covid19 face mask
Covid19 took over


with that comes violence. it’s not a surprise to find how the number of abused and murdered women had leaped in the past year.

I too found myself on the verge of sanity from the new reality, where I found myself thinking horrible thoughts I never imagined could even cross my mind. There are those who take it a step forward beyond the edge.

Nothing justifies violence! Everything justifies therapy.

Let’s not turn this into a political post, this is also not a place where you will find the answers for this matter. This post is for women who choose to be quiet about it.

a woman tired of life
when you just want to disappear into yourself


Those of you who don’t see the writings on the wall.

This is a post for women who choose daily to become their abusive partner’s therapist. Well, you are not.

You deserve more. you deserve to be treated with respect, to live without fear. to smile.I call all abused women: reach out for help. don’t stay where you are or you might end up dead.

Don’t wait to be rescued. This is 2021, you are responsible for your own destiny and you have the power to break the chain of violence and save your life.


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