Being a woman is no fun

It’s time to put it all on the table: it’s no fun being a woman.

I’m all for women empowerment, I raise 2 girls and I draw mostly women, but it’s time for someone to say it out loud.

A minute before you angrily ghost this post and scroll off to some other page, give me a second to explain myself.

Let’s face some facts:

With all the privilege and honor to our physical ability to bear children, it is not such a great pleasure bleeding once a month, for almost your entire life. speaking of which – how come all the ads for pads and tampons still use blue fluid instead of the real RED one? Does this repulse you in any way? That one color we need to face each month, every month? 

a pregnant happy woman, not so happy after all
pregnancy got better PR than the real-life experience


And there’s pregnancy: some women really enjoy it, although I find it hard to enjoy with all the morning sicknesses, stretch marks, raging hormones, weight gain, cramps, heartburns, edema, oh, and the unbearable pain of yourself tearing in half while delivering a human child to the world. but wait, I’m not done yet:

Have you ever tried standing up while peeing?

And what’s up with that moment when strange men see you parking your car and without asking, they start navigating you just because they saw a female driver in the car.

And there’s that thing when as a girl, society perceives you as a weak creature.

how come people are still raising their eyebrows when a woman decides to devote herself to her career, even at the expense of her own family. oh, and also, think twice before parking your car in a dark parking lot.

In general, as a woman, you almost always live in some kind of fear. the fear of walking home in the dark, the fear of someone is stalking you, the fear of going into a taxi by yourself, of being alone in the elevator with a stranger.

What about the times people forget your face exists the moment you have some cleavage. Come to think about it, why do you even need to think twice before you wear anything?

when the cleavage takes their attention from your face
I dare you to look into my eyes


And don’t forget to buy your own drinks when you go out, and never leave your drink unattended! How come so many women keep silent after being assaulted?!

how is it that we are still saying to someone “man up”, which means “be stronger”, while there’s still a phrase such as “you hit like a girl” in the 21st century??? how does that still exist??

Please explain to me why people find it inappropriate to breastfeed a baby in a crowded/ public place?

And how come, statistically, most women are not pleased with their bodies? 

How the hell does women trafficking still exist??? and why do governments around the world still think that they have the right to decide if a woman is eligible for abortion or not?

And I don’t understand how it is that still in 2021, men earn more than women?

men and women are not equal even in the 21st century
Behind every great man….?


how come most of the key roles and jobs around the world are still held by men?

Have you noticed how women need to constantly prove they are worth as men?

So far I didn’t say anything new here, although this place right here, is where our strength lies.

We already know it all and still, keep on with our lives and laughs. taking care of anyone around us, working, nurturing, and even finding time to do something that will make you happy.

I’m constantly investigating the subject of women’s achievements and progress in the world today and my conclusion is that we live in a relatively good time to be a woman. That is of course compared to times when women invented, renewed, and gave their life for achievements men took credit for.

We still have a long road before we reach a truly equal society and a safe place for women to live their lives in.

but we must always acknowledge the one absolute truth: If women weren’t so strong in their basic core, there was a good chance that the human species was already extinct long ago.

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