Yael Hertzog Illustrator

Do you know what is the difference between a drawing and an illustration? drawing is a form of art, an illustration is communication art! it  works for a product or an idea. it’s purpose is to visualise a concept and eventualy to sell something else rather than itself as a painting.

I’ve been illustrating since I can remember myself, even before I knew how to write. My brother was sketching jet planes, my other brother was drawing comics, and I… I was illustrating fashion.

I studied fashion first in high school with a great dream of becoming a known costume designer in Hollywood. After a short break dedicated to serve my country in the army I returned to study fashion in “Shenkar” – high college for fashion and then found my place at the costume design study program.

I quickly became an intern for some of the biggest names in the performance arts industry in Israel.


I designed costumes for children’s theatre, dance groups, the Israeli opera, choirs, circus, ballet and even cinema, even winning a prize for best costume designer. At that time I even won the opportunity to design the wordrobe for one of the largest wineries in the country.

The fashion world was calling me and I said farewell to costume design in order to become a fashion designer.

Whatever I did, whenever I did it, was always accompanied by my illustrations. 

I understood it eventually with the birth of my first born. That was the moment I decided to stop everything and focus on my true calling and that is – illustration.

At first, I worked with fashion businesses only, but than I discovered that other businesses need illustrations just as much.  Besides the projects I’ve done for L’oreal Israel, including facechart illustrations for their unique app (makeup genius), I’ve illustrated catalogues, ads, logos, books, packages and even tattoo designs.

How can you actually use all this? well, I illustrate promotional materials (print and web) like postcards, ads, catalogues and more. Among my clients are fashion designers, jewelry designers, cosmetics, therapists, beauticians, makeup artists, yoga, dance, craft and toys designers, photographers and many more, local and international.

So if you are looking for a unique and unusual solution for your business,

whether if it’s for your branding or for marketing purposes, press here.